Welcome to the Wiki of the Graph Visualization with Qt Project.

Project purpose

The goal of this project is to design and implement a Graph Visualization library, using Qt. The library uses GraphViz to compute the layout of a graph based on a logical model (dot file) and then uses the Graphics View Framework of Qt to display the graph, allowing a lot of interaction between the user and the graph:
  • Add nodes and edges
  • Move/remove nodes and edges
  • Modify nodes and egdes properties
  • Save or export the graph in many formats
  • ...


  • Author: Wenger Lucas, HE-ARC, Switzerland <>
  • Professor: Grunendwald David, HE-ARC, Switzerland
  • Project: Projet d'approfondissement, Master HES-SO 2009-10
  • Date: 11.06.2010

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